Moment of Influence Engagement

Personalized content, voice, channel, location,

activities, time & context

PersuadeId is a member centric omni-channel communications management platform that provides business users with the tools and work processes needed to efficiently design, author, implement, distribute, analyze and optimize their member communications.  Governance and controls are integrated to ensure quality, compliance and privacy of personal information.  An extensible feature repository and rule-based decision engine enables communications with your member population in a highly personalized and optimal way to achieve higher rates of engagement & intended outcomes. 

Achieve optimal Calls to Action with personalized communications delivered to each member using the right content and voice, on the right channel, at the right time & location and under the right contextual conditions.


Reach, engage, nurture, inform and maintain a strong relationship with your member population by communicating with them how, where and when they want. Combine member profile, preferences, interactions, behavioral patterns and transactional histories with the member’s current contextual conditions to communicate @The Right Time, Place, Channel and Message.

The PersuadeId platform is open and extensible and can consume any feature of the member population as part of its decisions.  This includes the member profile, demographics and preferences, current and historical activities (from wearable devices), historical interaction and behavioral patterns, current and known locations (home, work, away), day of week/time of day analysis, weather and environmental conditions etc.


Digital Health & Wellness

Promote healthy behaviors with activity and contextual based communications to achieve optimal outcomes.  Integrate to gamification and reward systems to compliment existing wellness programs.

Human Resources

Engage, on-board, educate and converse with your people resources with personalized and contextual member communications to achieve an agile, well informed and engaged work force.

Market Research

Dynamic segmentation, rigorous governance and controls, highly personalized communications with configurable test and learn strategies provide a platform needed to properly understand today’s IofT consumers.

Mobile Solutions


Enhance existing mobile apps to enable optimal communications with your members with contextual and personalized content and delivery (location, activity, time of day, environmental conditions). 


Purchase process integration to establish a dynamic and contextual communication channel with your customers.  Engage, nurture and converse with customers to create stronger relationships.

Solution Developers

Quick and simple integrations to harness the power of the communications platform and member repository.  Decrease your development effort and greatly speed up your time to market.

Solution Overview

A complete content and communication management platform enabling optimal communications with your member populations.  Business user friendly and designed for close collaboration to efficiently involve all teams of your organization.  Open and extensible allowing for tight integration into both business user processes and back-end systems to streamline and automate communications and long running workflow driven campaigns.



Omni-channel (email, sms, push, in-app, web, voice (phone, personal assistant)


Personalized content, channel, delivery location, time and contextual constraints


Rich content with survey responses integrated for analysis and subsequent segmentation or personalization


1:1 conversation support (text & voice) for direct individual member communications


Long running workflow driven communication campaigns personalized for each member


Unified member profile and extensible feature repository

Configurable rule based decision engine

Dynamic member segmentation by profile, demographics, location, contextual and historical behavioral data.

Outcome monitoring to analyze and optimize the performance of communications

Optimal channel and content selection based on member profile and behavior


Communication governance and control (quality/security checks to enforce communication reviews & approvals)

Multi-variant configuration supporting rigorous scientific approach studies with test & learn staging to select optimal channel, content and delivery constraints

Enforced communication life cycle (concept, design, implement, qa, review/approve, execute, analyze, complete)


Project level role based security

Global and project level library of resources shared across communications and campaigns.

High level and drill down reporting and analytics to visualize current and historical performance

Measurable results of communication outcome optimization

Enable and monitor team collaboration across the entire organization


Cloud-deployment, supports mass scale

Client data isolation and security, HIPAA compliant

RESTful API for work and system process integrations

Mobile application SDK

Optimal Communication Outcomes